Our patches are made in the United States. And we are one of the only companies in Salt Lake City that has the patented marrow edge machine.

Patches are made using a combination of two types of machines. There‘s the embroidery machine to do the logo or design and then there is the marrow machine. This machine does the stitch that is over the edge of the patch. There are not many companies in the U.S. that do patches, most are sent overseas to the Asian countries. Not only will you experience quick return on your product, it is American made! This helps keep our Utah economy strong.

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“It has worked out very well for us to purchase our patches from Michelle’s Embroidery. When we were purchasing the patches off shore we were never sure when we would receive them. Michelle’s Embroidery has never missed a delivery date. The quality of the work is far better than what was being shipped to us previous to Michelle’s Embroidery. Her prices are fair and either meet or beat the off shore prices.” – Ralph B., Healthcare Professional from Salt Lake City, UT


Michelles Embroidery: (801) 712-1125